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joz Vammer 

San Diego, CA   |   C3-D6   |   AEA/SAG-E



Midsummer Night's Dream         Swing                           Old Globe                    Patricia McGregor

Lobsteroperation!                  Solo Show              Edinburgh Fringe     Fata Organa


Romeo and Juliet                   Benvolio                 Opera Western Reserve  Scott Skiba

Gardens of Anuncia               Rehearsal stand-in  Old Globe                Graciela Daniele​

Thinking Shakespeare LOVE!      Various                         Old Globe/USD           Barry Edelstein 

Another Shore                        Kate Mercer            Old Globe/USD       Mark Brokaw


Charlie in the Pandemic         Stunts/Day       David Frankel, Prod.       Javier Manrique 


Body Image                            Lead                City Kid Productions       Kim Garland

Dubstep Dodgeball                Lead                BinxFilms Productions    Justin Chan​

Bird Nerds                              Host                 Highgate Productions     Jason Stant


The Film Reroll                                Creator/Performer/Founder


MFA: University of San Diego/Old Globe

Acting: Brian Mcmanamon, Bob Krakower, Tiffany Little Canfield, Karyn Casl

Commercial Workshops: Danielle Eskinazi

Clown/Commedia/Acro: Christopher Bayes, Aleksey Burago, Convergences Collective

Combat/Aerial: Aerial Revolution, Neutral Chaos, Aerial Arts NYC, The Muse, Madeline Hoak


Accents, Reads Music, Sightsinging, Scat, Tight Harmonies, Belt/Opera/Jazz, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Basic Juggling and Fan work, Aerial Silks/Yoga, Swimming, Water Skiing, Nordic skiing, Vinyasa Yoga, Dancer, Model (Editorial, Promo, Art), Combatant   

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